Upcoming Events

November 9-15, 2020 -- I will be a featured Community Author at The Kinkaid School Book Fair! Three of my titles will be available at this event which helps funds the libraries of this school. Click here to order my books and others. You can find Finis., Homecoming, and The Sharp Edges of Water available here under the "Special Guests and Kinkaid Community Authors" section.

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If YOU would like to have me talk with your book group or organization or class about writing -- poetry or fiction -- I'd be happy to! I'm available in person (when we're not in the middle of a pandemic) or via video chat. Contact me and let's work out the details.

Past Appearances

January 25, 2019 -- Mutabilis Press anthology launch; Jung Center; Houston, TX

February 19, 2019 -- Poetry FIX; FIX Coffee Bar; Houston, TX

February 23, 2019 -- BrazCon; Manvel, TX

March 3, 2019 -- Spider Road Press Celebration of Women's Words; Houston, TX

March 16, 2019 -- Austin Poetry Society; Austin, TX

March 16, 2019 -- Malvern Books; Austin, TX

August 10, 2019 -- River Oaks Bookstore; Houston, TX

August 17, 2019 -- Blue Willow Bookshop; Houston, TX

October 24, 2019 -- Kaboom! Books; Houston, TX

November 11-12, 2019 -- Kinkaid Book Fair; Houston, TX

February 15, 2020 -- BrazCon; Manvel, TX

July 11, 2020 -- livestream: my sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library

July 12, 2020 -- Poetry Super Highway annual poetry contest judges' chat (online)

July 22, 2020 -- livestream: Scribbler unboxing

August 22, 2020 -- livestream: Scribbler unboxing

September 22, 2020 -- livestream: Scribbler unboxing

October 3, 2020 -- Friendswood Public Library ekphrastic poetry reading (online)

October 4, 2020 -- Poetry Super Highway annual poetry contest winners broadcast (online)

October 24, 2020 -- Homecoming official launch through Blue Willow Bookshop (online)

October 27, 2020 -- livestream: Scribbler unboxing

What's New in Authorland?

FINALLY the sequel to FINIS. is out! Technically it's a standalone follow-up, but just think of it as another installment in the larger series about Animal Affinities. See above for information on the book launch (online) through Blue Willow Bookshop!

I recently earned Honorable Mention for my short story "Mother" in the Spider Road Press Flash Fiction Contest! What's more, SRP also nominated the story for the Best Small Fiction 2019 award and anthology. Click here to read the story.

I'm now on Instagram! (Who ever thought that would happen?) Find me there as angeliquejamail. Not supremely original, I know, but very easy to find!

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