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(Animal Affinities Book 1)

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The Sharp Edges of Water

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(Animal Affinities Book 2)

The Milk of Female Kindness


Praise for Angélique Jamail's books

Homecoming (Animal Affinities, Book 2)

“A fantastical looking glass on the modern world and the timeless hurdles of growing up.”

Seth Skorkowsky, author of Ashes of Onyx and Dämoren

“With Finis. and now Homecoming, Jamail has created a rich, nuanced world in which the line between human and animal is blurred. The lines demarcating which is which are often used by people to put others in their place. And with a sharp irony, the monstrosity of those with their Animal Affinities is most shown in how they choose to treat their Plain friends and family — that is, by the very human choices they make, not the animal instincts that infuse their characters. These are beautifully written, poignant, and often funny stories, which fans of both the speculative and the literary will enjoy immersing themselves in.”

David Jón Fuller, contributing author to Parallel Prairies, On Spec, Tesseracts

Finis. (Animal Affinities, Book 1)

"Jamail is a writer so painstaking in her craft that everything is distilled to the essence. Her fiction is a poet’s fiction, intense, mysterious and at times surreal even as it describes our known realities."

Geoffrey Heptonstall, "Writing Against Power"

“It’s not often I get that viscerally emotional on behalf of a fictional character. In a setting of overt fantasy, Angélique Jamail has created some of the most real people I’ve encountered via text in a long time.”

Ari Marmell, author of The Widdershins Series and Hot Lead, Cold Iron

“A silver vein of irony runs through Angélique Jamail’s fantastic Finis. It is a witty tale of conformity, prejudice, and transformation, in a world that is disturbing as much for its familiarity as for its strangeness. In a place where everyone is different, Elsa is the wrong kind of different, and that means facing pity, discrimination, danger, and sharp teeth. Dive into this story, readers, and confront them for yourself; it may just change the way you feel about things…”

Marie Marshall, author of I am not a fish and The Everywhen Angels

The Sharp Edges of Water

“For Jamail, loss is the fecund territory complicated by the travails of geographic movement, emotional upheaval, and cultural dissonance and where the poetry sings its best.”

Sarah Cortez, editor of and contributor to Vanishing Points: Poems and Photographs of Texas Roadside Memorials

"The Sharp Edges of Water is a collection of superbly crafted poems…poems of faith and freeways, of lies and longing. Angélique sees the details of Los Angeles and love, with a necessity of details we locals have forgotten. As the title implies, you might get wet reading them. Wear appropriate clothing.”

Rick Lupert, author of Beautiful Mistakes and God Wrestler, creator of

In The Press

About the Author

Angélique Jamail’s poetry, short fiction, and essays have appeared in over two dozen anthologies and journals, including New Reader Magazine, Waxwing, Time-Slice, Improbable Worlds, Pluck Magazine, The Milk of Female Kindness––An Anthology of Honest Motherhood, Untameable City: Poems on the Nature of Houston, Femmeliterate, Bayou City Magazine, and The Enchantment of the Ordinary. Her short story “Mother” was published in 2019 by Spider Road Press and nominated for Best Small Fictions. Her work was selected as a Finalist for the New Letters Prize in Poetry (2011). Her magic realism novelette Finis. (Odeon Press), first published in 2014, has been praised by fiction writer Ari Marmell as having “some of the most real people I’ve encountered via text in a long time,” and by poet Marie Marshall as “a witty tale of conformity, prejudice, and transformation, in a world that is disturbing as much for its familiarity as for its strangeness.” Her poetry collection The Sharp Edges of Water (Odeon Press) came out in 2018. She teaches Creative Writing and English in Houston and began serving on the Board of Directors for Mutabilis Press in December 2019. Find her online at her blog Sappho’s Torque ( and on social media.


IG: angeliquejamail

Facebook: Angélique Jamail, Author

Twitter: @AngeliqueJamail

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